Sunday, November 1, 2009

BSers Transgressions

BSer offers this list of his transgressions
  1. I'm from Cleveland Heights.
  2. I don't appreciate bigoted comments on this forum.
  3. I call you out as a liar.
  4. I say your candidate has ties to the corrupt Cuyahoga County Democratic Party machine.
  5. I refuse to let you browbeat this entire forum with your fantasies.

Let's review. 
  1. BSer doesn't live here, so why is he monopolizing our community forum?  Because he is a Troll.
  2. BSer doesn't like bigoted comments, so what's the point, who's bigoted?  Because I don't support an old white felon is that bigotry?  He's off topic, what do you expect for a Troll?
  3. He calls me out as a liar because I won't tell him who I am, just like everyone else won't.  Why?  Because he is a Troll.
  4. He says my candidate is tied to the Corrupt Dem Machine.  Based on what?  Does he live here?  Does he hang around Jimmy and Frank that he defends?  What do you call someone who argues that PO1 and PO2 have their right of "presumption of innocence", but SD, who's never been even rumored to be guilty doesn't?  Oh yeah, a Troll.
  5. An outsider refuses to let a local express his views about what he knows about because he thinks he's browbeating, but its OK for the outsider to attempt to violate privacy, shout down, and otherwise pontificate about things he knows nothing of.  Because he is a Troll.

Not a bad start BSer, but there's so much more...   Go home, Troll....

Saturday, October 31, 2009